Church Hobo

There once was a poor beggar sitting outside of a church. He was holding a tin cup in his hands, asking all people who passed by for money. Not on of the people gave him any money, not even any spare change. He had a hat covering most of his face, but you could tell that he was at least 50, dur to the wrinkles on his hand. About one hundred people passed by.
Then, when it was 9:00, the time the Sunday Sermon would begin, he walked into the church. He hung his hat on the coat rack, but kept on his ragged coat. He walked towards the main hall, where people were wondering where the pastor was. Then he came in. And nobody was walking ahead of him, behind him, or next to him.


Semester End

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Pawsrent, here to tell you that my school’s end of semster was yesterday. As a result, I get Monday off, so I’ll be online all day, but not specifically on my blog. But whenever I am going to be on my blog, I might be making a few renovations to the site, like adding pages, categories, widgets, perhaps even the theme. Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow, and perhaps I’ll even make another post! Bye!

Pokémon Events

There will be some new Pokémon events that will occur for a short time at GAMESTOP.

Raikou from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 9th

Entei from Jan. 17th to 23rd

Suicune from Jan. 31st to Feb. 6

Ash’s Pikachu from Jan. 30th to Feb. 5th

I’m hoping that a certain mother somewhere will read this and take me to GAMESTOP where these events are located. Also, the first three are shiny types, and when sent to the new BW games, will activate an event in which you obtain a Zoroark.

Pawsrent’s Theory of Thought

Hello, boys and girls! In this post I’ll be talking about a theory that I’ve recently developed called, you guessed it, Pawsrent’s Theory of Thought. It states that a person will be thinking about something somebody recently told them, or they themselves said. Also, if the person has developed patterns that they follow at the time, they will be thinking of it. For example, If they’re driving, and they have to make a turn, they’ll be concentrating on the turn. They will also do that if they need to develop a new pattern.

There is however, a whole in the theory that can be easily fixed. If you tell them that you’re going to figure out what they’re thinking, they’ll usually try to break the theory. And in my experience, with the people I’ve tested it on, they think of one thing: Taco. I tested it again on the bus today, and after 15 seconds, the person said “I want to eat a taco.” True story. I guess that ends this post.

I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I’m sure that many, no, all of you may have noticed the lack of posts and updates. I have been very busy, due to starting Middle School. I won’t tell you the name, but some of the teachers in my upcoming Pokémon fan-fic are based on teachers at my school!
From now on, I’ll be posting again, and even add a few categories, such as “Theories; The Mind; Video Games”. Most of them will have divisions, like “Theories->Conspiracies”, and “Video Games->Pokémon”.

My Pokemon

I have just created a page detailing some Pokemon that I made. They should not be thought of as real.

A New Band Member

A new band member for the Pawsrenters is coming. His name is Comical Horse. He was once just a street urchin, but then he was recruited by a group of not-so-secret spies. When news came out that Director D was actually an agent for BAD, Comical Horse quit the agency, as he knew the system was corrupt.
   He then hopped on his blimp, and traveled to his hometown, Monster Carnival Island. He then started living in a cave on the outskirts of the town. One day, he awoke to a strange noise. He looked outside to investigate, and he saw a van pulling up to the mouth of his cave. He heard muffled voices inside, saying how nobody would find them there.
   A strange person came out, he looked like threee different people at once. The man then noticed Horse, and was startled to see him. Then, by an odd series of circumstances, Comical Horse became a member of the band.